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Karperplas Simavis – Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions apply to the contract signed by the owner of the fishing water, as mentioned in the contract, and the tenant.

  1. Period of residence: The tenant is entitled to the use of the fishing site in accordance with the fishing regulations of the relevant fishing water, for the period as stipulated in the contract between the afore mentioned parties. Outside the agreed period, the
    tenant has no right to the fishing site.
  2. The booking: The booking is made between the landlord (=owner of the fishing water, as referred to in the contract between the parties) and the tenant. Simavis reserves the right to refuse a booking under certain circumstances.
  3. Advance payment: When booking, an advanced payment of 50% of the agreed price is required within 14 days of booking. The remaining balance is due eight (8) weeks before arrival. When booking less than eight (8) weeks before arrival, the full amount must be paid within seven (7) days after the actual booking has taken place. In the event of late payment, the landlord is entitled to cancel the contract unilaterally.
  4. State of ownership: The fishing water is regularly checked personally by the landlord. If there are items that deviate from the description or any damage is found, this should be reported immediately to the landlord or the person responsible. The problem will then be resolved as quickly as possible. Complaints that were not reported during the stay will not be accepted afterwards.
  5. Deposit: A deposit is obligatory. The exact amount and method of payment is stated in your rental contract. The landlord or the person responsible on site has the right to deny access to the fishing site or the domain if this condition was not met. In case of any damage caused by the tenant, the amount to be compensated may be deducted from the deposit.
  6. Arrival and departure: The arrival and departure times must be adhered to as stated in the contract
  7. Number of persons admitted: The number of people using the fishing site must not exceed the amount stated in the contract.
  8. Cancellation conditions: If the cancellation occurs within 8 weeks before departure, the paid deposit (50% of the total sum), will be deducted. If the cancellation occurs less than 8 weeks before departure, the total rental price must be paid. If the tenant departs early or does not make use of the fishing site, the tenant has no right to a refund. A cancellation insurance must be arranged by the tenant.
  9. Liability: Simavis cannot be held liable for the damage suffered by the tenant or third parties as a result of the stay on the property.
  10. Cancellation by Simavis: gives the tenant the right to a refund of payments already made.
  11. Complaints: A shortcoming in the performance of the agreement must be reported as soon as possible to the owner or the person in charge, so that he can find a suitable solution. If the shortcoming is not resolved within a reasonable period of time and detracts from the quality of your stay, it must be reported to Simavis in writing without delay.
  12. Disputes: The general terms and conditions and Dutch law apply to all disputes between Simavis and the tenant.

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