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Fishermen regulations:

  • Arrival from 12 pm, departure before 10 am on Monday or Friday.
  • 2 fishermen per fishing site, of which at least one fisherman is 18 years or older. Possibly with a non-fishing person included.
  • 3 rods per person (a maximum of 6 rods per fishing site at all times.)
  • Monitoring of the growth and health of our carp is very important and we ask you kindly to cooperate. Weigh carefully with the digital weighing clock we have made available and register the carp(s). For the registration you will receive a link from Simavis.

We make use of the rules as stated below. Failure to comply with these rules gives us the right to immediately expel you from the site without being entitled to a refund.

  • We ask for a deposit of €50 per person.
  • You are obliged to make use of the materials provided by Simavis, such as landing net, unhooking mat, weighing bag and weighing post, as well as the disinfectant betadine, in order to prevent the fish from becoming ill or unnecessarily damaged.
  • A digital weighing clock is made available by Simavis at every site.
  • Microbarb hooks are mandatory. Size 4 or 6. All other hooks are forbidden! So, no longshanks, curved shanks, barbless hooks, other long bent or set hooks and / or microbarb hooks smaller than size 6.
  • Reel lines are mandatory with a minimum of 200 meters of line.
  • Main line at least 0.35 mm nylon or fluorocarbon line.
  • Fish lead no heavier than 140 grams.
  • Fishing is mandatory with a leadfree system.
  • No braided main lines.
  • No lead core and/ or fishing with a surfleader.
  • Do not feed and / or fish with peanuts and uncooked grains.
  • Do not soak or cook cereals and legumes on the waterfront.
  • Tiger nuts are forbidden
  • Please note:  It is  prohibited to wrap bait food in a nylon stocking (panty)!!!(2021)
  • Only fish for carp and only with appropriate and adequate equipment.
  • Only fish from the designated fishing piers.
  • Do not fish in the water around the lake.
  • After a carp has been caught and before lifting it out of the water, always check that the fins are flat against the body of the carp.
  • Treat caught fish in an animal-friendly way, disinfect any wounds with Betadine ointment (from Simavis) and return him carefully, but as soon as possible, back into the water.
  • Always use the weighing bag when returning the carp.
  • Keep water on hand to moisten the fish on the unhooking mat. There is a bucket available at the fishing site.
  • Do not use storage bags.
  • Do not wade or swim.
  • Do not enter the water in a (rowing) boat unless this is necessary for the well-being of the fish. Boats are available on some sites. It is prohibited, even for the well-being of the fish, to enter on a boat without a life jacket. One should always inform someone else before entering the water in the boat and one should never go in a boat with two fishermen.
    Radio controlled feeding boats are permitted.
  • Never leave unguarded rods.
  • Use bivvies/ tents in green or camouflage colors.
  • Do not throw any leftover food in the water.
  • No drugs and excessive use of alcoholic beverages.
  • No loud playing of radios and / or loud music.
  • Open fire is forbidden, BBQ is allowed.
  • Dogs and / or other pets are prohibited.
  • No guests are welcome without informing the landlord.
  • It is forbidden to take carp with you: a legal procedure will be started for every carp that is stolen.
  • Garbage must be collected at the designated areas. (Closed green trash bins near your swim  and deliver your own trash in gray roller bin on one of the parking places when you leave!!!)
  • You must keep the used site clean and tidy in order to keep out vermin.
  • You have to use the toilet buildings and leave them clean and tidy.
  • The bicycles that are made available can only be used by one person at a time, with a maximum load capacity of 120 kg. Use of these bicycles on public roads is entirely at your own risk!